Know the path to a better credit score
With Jump Credit, it's easy to help your clients take the first step to a better credit life
Start offering free credit action plans to your clients today
  • Adaptable: Our software can stand alone or assist your financial coaches
  • Affordable: Free for all non-profit and government organizations
  • Simple: Help your clients in just a few minutes
What We Offer

Personalized Action Plan
Our software identifies high-priority issues on credit reports and generates realistic actionable steps to help clients figure out the first few steps towards a better credit score.
Credit Health Estimate
We provide clients with a free credit health estimate letting them know where they’re doing. It's helpful to know if you’re doing well or if your credit could use some work.
Credit Report Card
We explain the key factors that make up the credit score and give your clients a grade. We let them know what the goal is and how they compare.
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