Know the path to better credit
With Jump Credit, it's easy to help your clients take the first step towards better credit. We make credit reports engaging and actionable.
Personalized Action Plan
Generate realistic and actionable steps to help your clients towards a better credit score.

We take the complexity out of the report, allowing you to spend less time trying to identify problems and more time working through solutions.
Your Action Plan
  • Make a small purchase using your ABC CARD each month
    Your credit utilization is 0%. Actively using a credit card demonstrates that you’re able to responsibly manage revolving accounts.
  • Bring your EXAMPLE BANK auto loan current
    You’re over 2 months late on your EXAMPLE BANK auto loan. If you’re unable to make your payment, contact your lender to discuss your options.
  • Avoid applying for new lines of credit
    Each time you apply for a line of credit it is recorded on your credit report as a hard inquiry. You have had 5 hard inquiries in the past year.
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Credit Score Estimate

We provide clients with a credit score estimate letting them know how they’re doing. It's helpful to know if you’re doing well or if your credit could use some work.

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Credit Report Card

We explain the key factors that make up credit scores and give your clients a grade. We let them know what the goal is and how they compare.

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Enhanced Credit Report

Your client's credit report is organized based on account type and status. Quickly get an idea of what's on the credit report, and where the focus needs to be.

Start helping your clients with their credit
  • Adaptable: Easily integrated into your existing services
  • Simple: Help your clients in minutes with just a few clicks
  • Brandable: Delivered with your organization's logo