41% of adults would either borrow, sell something, or not be able pay if faced with a $400 emergency expense
Source: Federal Reserve, 2018
45 million Americans have no credit record or unscorable records. 27% of adults have scores below prime (660)
Source: CFPB, 2017
People with subprime credit may pay $200,000 more in interest and fees over the course of their lifetime
Source: Liz Weston, "Lifetime cost of bad credit: $201,712", 2010
When bad credit matters

Borrowing Money
Interest rates of up to 400%
Renting an Apartment
43% of landlords run credit checks
Applying for a Job
47% of employers run credit checks
Getting an Education
Inability to access affordible loans
The first step to helping someone improve their credit life is helping them get a copy of their credit report and understand their credit situation
Start helping your clients with their credit