Frequently Asked Questions
Getting Started

We partner with organizations that want to help their clients understand the path to a better credit score. Whether your organization offers financial coaching, tax preparation, makes loans, or offers other services, we'd be happy to discuss how our product could fit in with your existing services.

To get started, please contact us! Tell us a bit about your organization and a member of our team will follow up shortly.

Our software has a per-use fee. We offer more affordable rates for non-profit organizations and local governments. Please contact us for more information on pricing.

At this time our software is only offered through organizations.

As our software is built for a report format that is only availible in the United States, our software is not available in Canada.

About the Software

Please see here for more information! In short,

  1. Work with client to help them pull credit report from
  2. Go to our application website
  3. Enter your client's email
  4. Upload the credit report
The client's action plan will then be automatically emailed to them, and availible on the local computer

You can have a client walking away with an action plan in minutes! It takes about 3 minutes to work with the client to pull their credit report, and our software runs instantly.

No! Our action plans are designed to be helpful even if there's nobody to explain the results. Depending on a client's credit situation, we may recommend that they seek the guidance of a trained credit counselor.

If appropriate for the client, we recommend that they consider applying for a secured or regular credit card. However, we do NOT recommend specific credit card providers. We do not recommend any other financial products.

The software currently works with the TransUnion credit report from We expect to add capability for Equifax annual credit reports in fall 2018.

We use the Annual Credit Report as it's a free source that everybody can access. This allows us to keep our service affordable and accessible.

Security and Data

Security is our highest priority. We understand the importance of safeguarding data and have implemented many measures to do so. Our website uses industry-standard 256-bit SSL.

We store the all of the uploaded information for up to 36 hours, so that if there is an issue we can help you address it. After 36 hours, we delete all personal information. We do not share non-anonymized data.